BY THE GODS! magazine…

The long delayed BY THE GODS! magazine was completed a few weeks ago and I got the first published edition. I examined the printed magazine, which is cool, to see if there were corrections to be made. Here’s a small preview.

Cover of the magazine.

Inside the magazine.

I found a couple of minor errors in the magazine and I’ve corrected them. I’m waiting for a few things to sort out. Once everything is done, the magazine will be available, hopefully in September. The magazine is a print on demand type. There will be a printed version and a digital version. I’m sorting out everything before it goes live.

Anyway, more on this in the near future!

9 thoughts on “BY THE GODS! magazine…”

  1. Outstanding, can’t wait for the mag. Hoping that the two Reeves Hercules movies get a quality English-friendly blu-ray release in my lifetime. Your website is invaluable, many thanks.

  2. Hercules Invictus podcast would love to interview you on his program. I do a program there once a month please let me know how to get in contact with you he wants to help you and he’s excited about what you doing.

    1. Hi Jay

      The magazine will be available soon. There are a few things to finalize. The information on where to buy it will be posted here at BY THE GODS!

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