BY THE GODS! magazine

I created this blog in the prospect of a new project: a magazine dedicated to the PEPLUM genre. I planned this for some time (years in fact) but I started it in and around last summer. Well, I besieged with personal and professional stuff that prompted me to delay the project. I’ll be working on the magazine full time during the month of January, which means I have to spend slightly less time here and my other projects. Once it’ll be completed I’ll return full time to the blogs and such.

I’ll have more details on it as the project becomes fully complete. For now this is a just a teaser.

I’m taking a break next week and will take things from there.

Here are some fake magazine covers I created years ago.

New batch of PEPLUM figurines

I came across a vast array of elaborate figurines of characters based on recent PEPLUM movies. TROY (2004), 300 (2006),  and 300: RISE OF AN EMPIRE (2014). There are even more figurines for other titles, such as HERCULES (2014).

Over $300 for some figurines.

Above and below: Figurine of Eric Bana as Hector from TROY (2004).

Above and below: Brad Pitt as Achilles from TROY (2004). Thank Zeus they didn’t use the blue costume.

Based on 300: RISE OF AN EMPIRE (2014)

Who’s going to buy these? Is there such a big demand?

HERCULES UNCHAINED…the graphic novel?

I came across this comic book/ graphic novel on Amazon. I have no idea why this was made. It apparently began as a Kickstarter project. Anyway, I bought it. It credits the movie and some aspects are the same but many other aspects are different. Instead of Antaeus, Hercules fights the Minotaur. Odd.