New batch of German Blu-rays… (updated – June 10)

A new batch of German Blu-rays, released late last fall up to this month, are now or will be available. Here’s a quick list:


One of my favourite PEPLUM was released late last year on Blu-ray. It stars Mark Forest, Jose Greci, Ken Clark and others. There are three different covers to choose from. The German audio is out of sync. No English audio. Nice print. The audio, well, the less said the better… HERCULES AGAINST THE BARBARIANS is set to be released soon with…English audio?

Mark Forest, Ken Clark, Howard Ross and Nadir Moretti.



Fun movie starring Gianna Maria Canale that’s on Blu-ray. Will have to buy this one.



Starring Brad Harris. A great looking film on DVD. I can’t wait to see this one in HD. Hopefully, there won’t be any cut. Available May 31 June 14.



A usually rare PEPLUM gets the Blu-ray treatment. It stars Lang Jeffries. It’s  a great copy.

Moira Orfei and Vladimir Medar




This colourful Swashbuckler starring George Hilton and Tony Kendall is now available on Blu-ray, with 2 different editions. The regular one is more expensive than the Mediabook with two discs. Hmm…

New X accounts…

I created two new X (aka Twitter) accounts. Mae sure to follow them.


Queens of PEPLUM cinema!


MEN OF PULP X account

New AI generated retro images of Men’s Magazines of the past. Totally new recreations and also vintage covers, including PEPLUM stuff.


Old X (Twitter) accounts:

PEPLUM TV X account

X account associated with PEPLUM TV blog.


MACISTE X account

Dedicated to Heroes (and villains) of PEPLUM cinema.

BY THE GODS! issue no 2…

The second issue of BY THE GODS! is ready and will be available soon, right after I get a physical copy and make corrections if there are any to be made. So, most likely next week or Monday, March 11.

Making this issue was really fun to make.

There are a few changes made to the magazine. It will be published 4 times a year, not 6 times, which I always thought was bit much. The third issue should be available in the middle of May. There are more pages than the first issue. This issue also starts the second volume, meaning the first issue was the first magazine and the first year of publication. A fresh start to 2024.

You can buy the first issue here.

THE WHIP AND THE BODY Blu-ray from Kino Lorber…

Next month, March 12, Mario Bava’s THE WHIP AND THE BODY (1963) starring Christopher Lee and Dariah Lavi, will be available on Blu-ray from Kino Lorber. This is great news. This is one of my favourite Bava movies and seeing it in HD will be treat. From an online review, the image seems to be very dark and some worry about this (below). These HD transfers of old movies often result in dark images. It’s nothing new. But this might be ok here. Anyway, I’ll definitely buy it.


BY THE GODS! post goes viral…

Looking at the stats for the blog, I saw that one post was getting tons of clicks. So, I had to look for it. Here’s the source of the many clicks.

What’s highlighted in blue is a link to the article here at BY THE GODS!

Here’s the link to the BTG article!

Of all things from this blog, this is the one post that goes viral. It’s so odd since this information is publicly known for a long time. Oh well…