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I finally got two new Blu-rays (after waiting 3 weeks due to prioritized shipping at Amazon…). REVOLT OF THE SLAVES (1960) and the two discs, 3 movies set of HERCULES IN THE HAUNTED WORLD (1961).

I’m pleasantly surprised by the HERCULES IN THE HAUNTED WORLD edition. It contains 3 different versions, which I didn’t realize they were included when I purchased it. This idea is a must for PEPLUM movies, and I can’t wait to compare all three different versions.

The REVOLT OF THE SLAVES is pretty barebones. The movie and some trailers. I have to say that I really like this often overlooked flick. It’s a solid PEPLUM with tons of action, great cast, and amazing sets.

More info soon…

2 thoughts on “New Blu-rays…”

  1. In case you haven’t watched the “Hercules in the Haunted World” disc yet: be aware that the American version has a horrible static-like crackling in the audio during the opening and closing titles. The rest of the movie’s audio is unaffected, but I’m shocked that KL let this disc go out with that flawed audio.

    I haven’t watched the other two versions yet, but the posters at the forums say that the other versions do not suffer from this audio problem.

    1. Hi David.

      I already watched the US version, the one I really wanted to see. Yes, the audio is filled with snaps and crackling. It sounds like a Fan Dub: taking audio from an old copy and editing it to the new image. I have to say that I was surprise to hear such poor audio but I’ve watched so many PEPLUM movies with some sort of issue that it’s not really n issue with me. I have to say that I like the intro the the Filmation opening credits. That swirling must have been fun to see on a big screen.

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