Update on upcoming Blu-rays from Germany…

Update: when I’m logged in into Amazon.de, the Blu-ray says it’s ‘out of stock’ but when I view the listing without being logged in to Amazon.de, it says it’s available.

The new Blu-ray for DUEL OF THE TITANS (1961) is now out of stock. It’s been out of stock since I posted about it a month ago. I know this blog is popular but wow…haha!

Also, the NEFERTITI – QUEEN OF THE NILE (1961) Blu-ray from Germany is extremely expensive. They now charge an extra 20 Euros for packaging and an extra 17.00 Euros for import fees. So the Blu-ray now costs 3 times as much. I won’t be buying it. Why should someone pay 20 Euros for packaging for an item sold through Amazon? And a Blu-ray is tiny. It’s a rip-off.

6 thoughts on “Update on upcoming Blu-rays from Germany…”

  1. Did you notice that the release date has been pushed back a full year to Dec 31, 2021? Very disappointing. I wonder if it’s due to the pandemic?

          1. Amazon.de is now listing a release date of March 11, 2021 for the Romulus and Remus blu-ray. The Koch Media website has the same release date as well. So hopefully we can place an order through Amazon in a couple of months.

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