Great news! DUEL OF THE TITANS (1961) starring Steve Reeves, Gordon Scott, Virna Lisi and many others, will have a Blu-ray release in Germany in January. From the provided screenshots, the movie looks stunning. Can’t wait to see it.

Thanks to Joe for the info.

Amazon Germany

(the Amazon page claims the Blu-ray can’t be shipped to my location. I never had issues buying stuff from Amazon Germany before. Hmm…hopefully this will change by the end of January)

Steve Reeves and Virna Lisi. Beautiful clarity.

Stunning shot. With Massimo Girotti and Jacques Sernas.

2 thoughts on “DUEL OF THE TITANS Blu-ray…”

  1. I just finished an online chat with Amazon.de regarding the “we do not ship to USA” message for the Romulus and Remus (Duel of the Titans) blu-ray. Here’s the answer I received…..

    “Pawan: As I checked from my end this item can not be deliver to USA due to increase in demand and certain other reasons. However there are several request for the same and our team is working on it to resolve this issue. I will send your request on high priority to our team to this item deliver in your desire location.
    I hope this helps. Check back in 72 hours.”

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