Them blue costumes in TROY…

As a PEPLUM fan I come across many comments (from fans and non-fans) about the costumes men wear in those productions, including the tiny tunics heroes wore. Personally, I never had an issue with any of them…until TROY (2004)

Above and below: Brad Pitt, as Achilles, sporting some truly unflattering costumes.

Not to be outdone, Orlando Bloom (Paris) and Eric Bana (Hector) also wore some unflattering costumes. The one on Bloom doesn’t look as bad as the one on Bana, which makes him look like he’s got cleavage with the tank top style drooping on him. The costumes might be authentic to a certain extent but nope, they’re not good. Never came across such costumes in old PEPLUM movies.

2 thoughts on “Them blue costumes in TROY…”

  1. totally disagreed with you ,Hector and Paris are Wearing very Good looking Ancient costume ,with amazing colors i’m looking forward to get some clothes with the same colors some how ,

  2. As someone who studies ancient history I am absolutely flabbergasted at why they are wearing those outfits but unflattering?? they look absolutely breathtakingly hot it’s unbearable

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