GOR German Blu-rays…

Germany seems to love the GOR movies starring Urbano Barberini. Even if the movies have yet to appear in any BD or DVD formats in the US, the German market is overflowing with them.

Here are 4 Blu-ray editions to select from:

This is the new Blu-ray release with both GOR and OUTLAW OF GOR. Release April 2023.

Blow are three different collectors covers of the same edition released one year ago.

This one claims to be uncut and it includes the Blu-ray and DVD discs.

And last…the DVD release.

Does anyone out there bought all different editions and what differs from one another?

2 thoughts on “GOR German Blu-rays…”

  1. Have you tried Grooves.land in Berlin Germany for Blu-rays? They have very good shipping prices to the USA, and they do ship worldwide according to their site. I just received the HANNIBAL media book for 34.78 USD which included tracked shipping for 6.50 USD. Their shipping time has been very reasonable even during pandemic periods. Their website is: https://www.grooves-inc.com
    My previous order was for the blu-ray mediabook of SODOM AND GOMORRAH was less than 30 USD including shipping. I just checked on the blu-ray of SON OF SPARTACUS and their price is 17.59 plus 3.32 USD media shipping, so I guess I’ll go for the three latest blu-rays that you ordered also.
    Keep up the good work!
    – Gary

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