I finally got the new FURY OF ACHILLES (1962) Blu-ray disc from GOLDEN NINJA VIDEO. The movie starsĀ Gordon Mitchell in his best role. This disc also includes PERSEUS THE INVINCIBLE (1963) starring Richard Harrison, and THE TROJAN HORSE (1961) starring Steve Reeves.

The movies are not new prints scanned in High Definition. They are up conversions of previous DVD releases. To give you an idea, the PERSEUS one has the SON OF HERCULES song during the opening credits. The original release didn’t have that.

Why was this BD made? I dunno but one can watch these three movies via BD and not from the web I guess. The disc is only $12 so it’s not expensive. If you don’t have these movies then the price might be okay but be sure that the image quality is not High Definition. Personally speaking, since I already have all these titles in my collection, I really didn’t need this disc.

Here are screenshots of the movies.

THE TROJAN HORSE is available on AMAZON PRIME in Canada. It’s the image on the top left. The copy from the BD is on the bottom right. The version at Amazon is not perfect but it is much better that the one on this disc.

5 thoughts on “That FURY OF ACHILLES Blu-ray…”

  1. Howdy! I’m the one who made the disc, and I’m sorry that it was a bait-n-switch for you – as I never intended to promise better picture quality, and tried to highlight it at the top of the description on my website, but I understand it can be easily missed.

    The reason the disc exists is because of the new special features that were produced for it – commentary track, featurettes, booklet, to serve as an introduction and a launching point into the Peplum genre. I’ve always viewed it that you’re paying for the special features, not for the picture quality, because you can watch those films on Youtube, Amazon Prime, Tubi, and son on. . I understand you gain nothing from that as you’re already very familiar with the genre, so my apologies. Only recently have I been able to get my hands on a film scanner, and I will keep my eyes peeled for prints of Peplum films, because I’d love to release a film believed lost to time in a brand new HD scan. And in case you’re wary again, any cover I put out that has a colored border around it means that it’s not a new scan!

    1. I sent for a copy via a friend. For the price I am certainly not going to complain about this disc. I hate watching movies on my computer so this will be very welcome. Several years ago there we excellent Italian dvds of Giants of Thessaly and Legions of the Nile however they were not anamorphic widescreen. Upgrades to Blu-ray for either or both titles would be great to have and something for you to consider releasing. If you need info on any of the Euro sword and sandal dvd releases, feel free to contact me at
      I am presently out of the US until February 7th.

    2. Justin, it’s ok. It wasn’t expensive and I can see newbies watching this. Anyway, it’s a collectors item now.

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