PEPLUM database that almost was…

10 or so years ago I began the long and tedious project of creating a database of the PEPLUM genre which was never completed. The project fell through after Youtube closed all of my channels: PEPLUMz, SapphoPEPLUM and WITH FIRE & SWORD. You can see the channels’ thumbnails on the left column.

Since everything was in turmoil back then I decided that it wasn’t worth pursuing since the channels were all closed. Since then I created new Youtube channels but the project was put on hold indefinitely. Now I’m thinking of resuming the project which might take up to a year to complete. It’s a slow process. Anyway here are some of the banners I made for the website.

2 thoughts on “PEPLUM database that almost was…”

  1. Hopefully you can get it done this time! If you need any help with information just ask and i’ll try my hardest as best i can.

    1. Thanks Steven. I have many projects going on now but the database might be something feasible in a year or so.

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